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Opening at Red Deer

Red Deer Arts Council Newsletter- March 2013_1Special thanks to Diana Anderson, who curated my show at the Red Deer Arts Council’s Kiwanis Gallery, along with her team of volunteers who helped us hang the show. Rather than space out the images, Diana chose to crowd them together so they form a powerful band of colour around the room. I love working with curators, like Diana, who know their space. I’ve never worked with a professional curator who has not improved on my initial vision of how a show should go up.
Quintaro Imaging did a splendid job of acrylic mounting the images. I appreciate their sponsorship support as well as sponsorship from The Camera Store in Calgary. I love the clarity and visual simplicity of acrylic mounting – it is the closest thing to having nothing between the image and the viewer that I’ve been able to find – at least that works for these images.
When the City Isn’t looking is on in Red Deer until 2013 April 25.

If you visit the show and are trying to find “Frank Gehry Surface #1” – the second image shown in the Red Deer Arts Council’s newsletter, it didn’t make the show. Again a curatorial decision. When we laid out the show in the space – this image, while powerful on its own, was the odd one out and didn’t add strength to the overall show. This is really interesting because when “When the City Isn’t Looking” was first shown at the Gallery of Photographic Arts Canada, in Calgary  “Frank Gehry Surface #1” was the anchor image. What a difference space, visual context and curatorship can make!

IMGP1095Red Deer Installation_3

Jane Doe & Paris

Boydol-Peters Exposure Invitation-1What a great opening! There were over a hundred people at the Resolution Gallery in Calgary last night to launch Jan Boydol’s Jane Doe images and my Paris images. Don’t miss our Meet the Artist’s event on Saturday, March 2 from 2pm to 4pm.
Working on this show with Jan has been such a delight. Her images look amazing on the Resolution’s walls. I appreciate the sensibilities Jan brings to her studies of the female form. The images are expressive, playful and capture the relationship between models and photographer; some revealing a certain intriguing tentativeness on the part of the models, this tentativeness transforming to confident repose in others images. Jan’s photographs convey both femininity and feminism with grace and ease.

When Water Dreams

I’m delighted to invite you to the Willock & Sax Gallery in Banff for the opening of When Water Dreams. The opening event is from 2 to 4 pm on Saturday, February 6, 2010. I’m honoured to share it with Robert Sandford, who is introducing his important book called Restoring the Flow, Confronting the World’s Water Woes.

This is a great opportunity to make a winter visit to Banff, either for the afternoon or for a day or two. Willock & Sax Gallery has special discount arrangements with Juniper Hotel and Bistro and Bow View Lodge. Follow this link to book a room and take advantage of the savings:

This show opening and book launch is part of EXPOSURE – the Calgary, Banff, Canmore Photography Festival.



Willock & Sax Gallery


How do you purchase one of my images? It’s easy. You simply dial 1 866 859 2220 and ask for Susan.

Susan Sax-Willock and Thomas Willock are the founders and owners of the Willock and Sax Gallery and they are my representatives. First opened in Waterton and now located in Banff, Alberta, their gallery is dedicated to their vision of presenting the work of a very high quality cross section of Canadian fine artists. Susan brings a background as an artist, arts scholar and arts administrator. Tom is a zoologist with an intense feeling for the earth and environment, the former Director of a major museum and a delightfully talented interpreter of the western landscape with his black and white silver prints; the ones centre-left in the image above. In my own collection I have Tom’s “Lenticular Clouds: Red Rock Canyon Road, Waterton Lakes National Park, 1983,” an image I find particularly moving.

If you travel to Banff from time to time, be sure to check the Willock & Sax website for events at the Gallery and Banff activities. Better yet, ask Susan to put you on their e-mail list. Just call her at the number above or  click here.